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How to Get the Most out of the Best Selling Embroidery Design

Are you making the most of the best seller?

Last week, we started promoting a video timeline of our Cubbies being embroidered. They are fun to watch and the engagement of our posts are way up – as too are the sales of Birth Blocks. We’ve been getting a lot of orders recently of babies being born the day before we get the order, so it is likely the buyer saw our design and kept us in mind. This is a great opportunity for you to promote the best-selling design and have new prospects keep you in mind for the future.

I suggest you have a standard template that your customers choose from – if you don’t have the software, a jpeg of different coloured designs will be fine. Don’t let your customer start changing fonts and colours – if the templates/samples look good, that’s good enough.

Use our timeline videos – promote yourself as a Cubbies Authorised Retailer – you can find our timeline birth block videos in the marketing resources. I am aware some retailers prefer to withhold their suppliers and avoid advertising our brand, but I know you are missing out on great material. Getting new consumers to check out from your website is notoriously difficult; people will trust you more if they see you are selling a brand they either recognise or that looks reputable.

We’ve been selling a lot of grey bunnies with the birth blocks so grab them while you can before they sell out again.

We also have a timeline of the Dumble embroidery. We charge £34.95 for the Dumble and I feel is it too cheap for the work that is done. The video timeline shows the amount of work that goes in to it – if customers can respect the amount of work that goes into embroidering both ears, they’ll see the perceived value and pay extra.

When it comes to pricing, may I suggest you start low and finish high. A one name embroidery for a low cost may cut in to your margins, but it is easy and quick to do and could get more customers viewing your content. If they see the Birth Block costs an extra £10 – they won’t mind if that’s what they want.

Here is a Birth Block order form that your customers will easily understand. Let them select their Cubby, choose a template of three colours and fill in the personal details. All that is left is payment.

We can even set this up online as a bespoke submission/contact page. This means that if someone contacts you on Facebook wanting a Birth Block, you can send them to a webpage that allows them to submit the details. Then, you’ll get their details and can invoice accordingly. Simple.

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Blanca Ramos
Blanca Ramos
5 years ago

Could we possibly have a copy of template order form

Martha Bentley
Martha Bentley
3 years ago


I can’t download the designs that you are offering. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you
Martha Bentlley